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Karmin Music

So depending on whether your from America or not you may have already atleast heard of this couple as they're really moving through the whole business quickly and it's easy to see why. For years Youtube has been used to discover new talent (or Justin Biebers) and this is another high quality product from the site. Taking all kinds of contemporary music and styles these two add their own unique sounds to the stripped down versions of the mainstream tunes. All i can really say is i hope you enjoy these.


 As for downloads Karmin Music is the place to go


So it's been quite a while but i have been reminded to get back on here having pretty much finished my exams by the last thing i posted on here. Mansions on the moon have finally released their newest song 'Darkness' Here is the download link, the song can also be played through the link. 

Mansions On The Moon - Darkness

Mansions On The Moon


After their mixtape released towards the end of last year i've been hot on the tracks of this group. They have such a relaxed, electro beat that seperates them from the mainstream music industry even though this group could soon become a massive hit. The video featured is a new track from the upcoming album, to be released in August, and shows the processes the band go through to create their tracks.

 MotM - Paradise Falls 

The Weeknd


This tapes been out a little while but it shows no sign of weakening, everytime i listen to it i feel its originality. This band has so much promise as the incredible vocals and the smooth, emotive beats just seem to be destined for big things. Here's the mix-tape i mentioned for you all to enjoy.

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons





Produce of St. Louis and recently graduated from Baylor University, Brett Allen (a.k.a. Tidewater) has unleashed his incredible, unique musical talents upon the world. After a pretty good reception to his debut album he released this music video for his very original take on Beyonce's 'Halo'. It has to be said the more i listen to this track the more i like it.

Sadly there is no download for this one as it is from his album, which can be bought on itunes or any other music provide, but i thought he was definitely worth the mention as i am predicting big things for this guy.

Azad Right


First content i've heard from this guy but i've got to say im impressed, giving his own twist to Kanye & John Legend's 'Blame Game' keeping the emotion that the pair produced on the original, i'll be sure to keep and eye out for more of this guy.

 Azad Right - Blame Game

Update: Another Kanye cover, this time he goes over Drive Slow.

Azad Right - Drive Slow

J Cole



New J Cole (feature yesterday here) to share with the world, released just a few hours ago this is the latest track, reported to be from the upcoming album, which will undoubtedly be massively hyped closer to it's release. 

J. Cole - Disgusting

Canadian Talent On Tour In The UK


Finally a little off the Rap/HipHop scene and we come to Bravestation. With a sound resembling Yeasayer and Foals i think this is a pretty impressive track and a good EP for download. They are currently on tour in the UK.

Bravestation - EP 


Got music you want the everybody to hear? Send me a link or even a downloadable file and i'll try to get it up. You can either Contact Me or post in the Forums after quickly making an account. Thanks.




This group should need no introduction, after taking the music world by storm through their completely 'odd' natures. However bizarre their actions their music speaks for itself with some of the group being incredibly talented rappers and singers. Today i give you arguably the most talented artist from this crew, Frank Ocean. Nostalgia seems to be a huge backlog of tracks (65 in total) that he has seemingly dumped on the public, not that i'm complaining. Pyrite is a song that didn't make the cut for that mix-tape and was leaked later

 Frank Ocean - Pyrite (Fools Gold)

 Frank Ocean - Nostalgia (Ultra) 




I've always found a lot of people have very strict music taste and really don't like to branch out, but personally i love quite a few, pretty different, genres of music. This is the first to give you a further taste of whats to come. First is a band from Vancouver, Canada who deliver such an incredibly unique sound and a catchy tune you can't help but cheer up. No download link for this one sorry. 



A very talented crew of rappers and producers who call themselves S.Y.O.R, or StartYourOwnRebellion, have (as over the top as it seems) created their own world. Based in 3020 the group have fabricated an unbelievable story which can be viewed on YouTube alongside their music. This track enlists the more than capable J. Cole and is one of my personal favorites from the mixtape they recently dropped named LP3020 (link below to their website for the download).





I know it takes a little while to get into the song but bear with it, it's well worth it. Pmac shows his incredible talent to simply lay a smooth sound with truly meaningful lyrics over one of the most recognizable tunes in existence, as well as playing along to some sick visuals providing by Thinking Stones Productions. If you love this anywhere as much as me he has some other tracks all worth a listen.

 Pmac - First Impression mixtape


Opening Credits Decided



 Opening credits have to go to one of my favorite songs in years! OCD: Moosh and Twist are a collaboration showing a whole lot of promise, after just two weeks this video has hit 40000 views, in my opinion that should be tripled at least to give it the respect it deserves.


Opening the doors

Well this is the first ever post on this blog, hopefully i'll be able to look back on this after having a huge success with all this music. I'm hoping to be able to provide legal downloads of all the songs i feature on this site, as most tracks featured will be from mix-tapes or will be leaks therefore allowing me to give you the music for free. If i can't provide this i generally wont post it, although i may on some occasions simply provide a video.